Thursday, March 20, 2008

cry it a river, build it a bridge...

and i'm over it. now that i think of it, i was more pissed that i got cut because i spent all that time at conditioning, and also because i was improving until i got hit in the non-gloved hand (and no pun intended, but my throwing was thrown off because of it. grrr...)
oh well. i'll just have to wait until my hand is more not sore (it's getting there) and i'll join the rec league. still kinda embarrassing, though (it's sorta like a certain royals third baseman having to go back to playing college ball), and angering, seeing that the other girl who was cut was the same one who screwed up my hand.

on a lighter note, tia gave me her 'happy hat' to wear (even though dandylion stole it partway thru bio to cope with a 63 on his lab report and he looked really dumb) and we might go out to dairy queen tonight. yaaay ice cream.

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Evil Genius Extraordinaire said...

heh heh heh. I'm going to blow up peeps now. Yaaay sugar.