Monday, March 3, 2008

... *cricket cricket*...

yaaay conditioning. i sure hope i'm not a lost cause with all of this softball stuffs 'cause if i didn't make the team, which, knowing me, will probably happen, i'd be kinda mad.
anyway... yeah.
my fingers are all green from coloring a strip of my hair with yellow and blue highlighter during bio and geometry and trying to get it off. not too smart.
oh, and the evil genius extraordinare says that mah royals buddy got signed to a 1 year contract. i would seriously cry if he ever got traded to the yankees. same with ellsbury.
sweden is gonna kick italy's butt in the italy vs. sweden war. 'cause dandylion is a big dumdum and claims that he submits the things before me when he really just changes the time so it won't look like i beat him. one of those pride things where it'd hurt his manliness factor. not that he has any.
...that's it for now. sayonara.

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