Thursday, March 27, 2008

true to my hair color

had a MAJOR stupid moment.
so i went over tia's house yesterday (played the wii, sucked at it, just kinda hung out) and when mom picked me up, i noticed that the pocket that my house keys are in on my backpack was open so i was like 'ooh, crap'. my keys weren't in there so i checked in the other pocket and they weren't there either so when i got home i texted tia and she and her sisters went on a house-wide search for my keys and this morning when i opened my backpack to get my binder, guess what was in the bottom of my backpack.
so now i owe tia $2, 1 for the whole keys thing and 1 for not bringing in my Infinity on High cd. and i owe sam f. a dollar for borrowing a dollar for a poptart.

and yes, my flash drive is still m.i.a.

Monday, March 24, 2008

crap! crap!

aw crap. i lost my flash drive. it's not in my pencil bag (checked there a bajillion times and there's only so much space in a piece of paper-sized pouch), it's not in the computer, it's not at school (i haven't used it at school since 2 wednesdays ago and i used it here after then), it's not in the desk (or maybe i'm not looking hard enough)...
do any of you peeps know for whatever reason where my flash drive is? it's reeeeally important that i find it 'cause a lot of my bio stuffs is on there and my story and that's my primary way of bringing computer stuffs back and forth to school so i reeeeally need it! please!

... pleeeeeeease?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

cry it a river, build it a bridge...

and i'm over it. now that i think of it, i was more pissed that i got cut because i spent all that time at conditioning, and also because i was improving until i got hit in the non-gloved hand (and no pun intended, but my throwing was thrown off because of it. grrr...)
oh well. i'll just have to wait until my hand is more not sore (it's getting there) and i'll join the rec league. still kinda embarrassing, though (it's sorta like a certain royals third baseman having to go back to playing college ball), and angering, seeing that the other girl who was cut was the same one who screwed up my hand.

on a lighter note, tia gave me her 'happy hat' to wear (even though dandylion stole it partway thru bio to cope with a 63 on his lab report and he looked really dumb) and we might go out to dairy queen tonight. yaaay ice cream.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can't say i didn't see it coming.

well, folks, it's over. on planet chan-manda, apparently, sports are one of those 'look but don't touch' kinda deals.
tia, i'll GLADLY take up your offer of ice cream.

Monday, March 17, 2008


sorry peeps, that last entry was tommy while i went to do... something. can't remember.
oh, you know, david, i'd update my blog more often if SOMEONE ACTUALLY READ IT AND COMMENTED! how am i s'posed to know you guys read it if you don't comment! come on! i'm a loser! i need to know someone's reading it! it gives me more incentive. although it also helps if i'm on the computer...
so with that being said, don't expect anything this week 'cause i'll (hopefully) be at tryouts all week. so suck it up.

ok bye *big cheesy smile*

Friday, March 14, 2008

this is amanda and i post a lot of blogs.

mystic family reunion! yaaay!

oy vey. this has been fun. i'm at becky's house and it's me and her and sophie and tommy and eric are here too so it's like a big family reunion. only not.
antics so far: skateboarding (at least attempting to), falling off of the skateboard :), messing with homemade videos and fast-forwarding and slowing them down, and by the sounds of it pigpiling on eric.

tommy necesita usar la computadora, so i'll leave
bye :D

real quick.

nothing much to say aside from i'm going over to becky's yaaay
and it's pi(e) day and i haven't had any pie booo
and i noticed that i flip btwn stupid and dandylion a lot, so for those of you who didn't already know, they're the same person.
... think that's it. adios.

Monday, March 10, 2008

"ok, guys, we need to get rid of some of these balls!"

bowling yesterday. fun.
so most of you know how i CAN NOT make direct eye contact with people without looking away or laughing, so yesterday, i was cleaning my glasses and stupid was looking at me directly in the eyes, and i tried to keep eye contact and not laugh, but eventually it got annoying so i poked him in the eye REALLY REALLY hard so i'm like 'omg i am SOOOO sorry' and he's like 'yeah, whatever, liar'. i'm like 'no seriously i didn't mean to poke you in the eye that hard' so he's like 'you're sorry you're bad, you're sorry you're blue, you're sorry you POKED ME IN THE EYE' and i continued the song 'and i know i cant take it skip the next line 'cause that'd be weird, and that one doesn't make sense, and neither does that one... and i just wanted to say i'm sorry' and he's like 'it's too late to apologize'. we were like, wow. that was lame

it was weird! tang told me to bowl without my glasses on just for laughs and i got a STRIKE! without my glasses on! so i tried it a few more times and whenever i bowled without them on i either got a strike or a spare so i'm like 'omg that is f***ing awesome!'

and i still felt bad about poking stupid in the eye so once i got home i called him and i'm like 'i'm sorry' and he's like 'ok...' so i thought for a second and said 'i know it's "too late to apologize" but "i just wanted to say i'm sorry"'. and once again we were like, wow. that's lame.

aah, good times good times.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

still kinda bummed out

ok, so i'm kinda over that. you know i was kidding, right? i just put on that act to be a pest (worked, didn't it?). but i still like him as a baseball player and hopefully this season will be better for him. no ground ball facials would be nice.

and tia, if you're all about the 'mean but truthful' thing and you're so adamant about me having a crappy sense of style (ok, you didn't say it like that but that's basically what you meant), you need to come over and tell me what to do with what i have 'cause i'm not spending a fortune on clothes i'm never gonna wear.

and lauren, we need to get together sometime just to hang out and so i can get my christmas extended present crown of thorns plant. you know my number.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

bummed out

ok, so i was reading that ESPN article about a certain favorite Royals third baseman of mine, and it's got some pretty neat stuff. for all of you who might actually want to read this, here's the URL:
but he's married! dammit! guess he can go off the list. *sniffle sniffle* curse you, whatsherface! and still cursing ross gload! except not for marrying my buddy. 'cause that'd be weird.

anywaaay, working on some homework and helping teeejaaayy set up his igoogle thing and waiting for conditioning.

Monday, March 3, 2008

... *cricket cricket*...

yaaay conditioning. i sure hope i'm not a lost cause with all of this softball stuffs 'cause if i didn't make the team, which, knowing me, will probably happen, i'd be kinda mad.
anyway... yeah.
my fingers are all green from coloring a strip of my hair with yellow and blue highlighter during bio and geometry and trying to get it off. not too smart.
oh, and the evil genius extraordinare says that mah royals buddy got signed to a 1 year contract. i would seriously cry if he ever got traded to the yankees. same with ellsbury.
sweden is gonna kick italy's butt in the italy vs. sweden war. 'cause dandylion is a big dumdum and claims that he submits the things before me when he really just changes the time so it won't look like i beat him. one of those pride things where it'd hurt his manliness factor. not that he has any.
...that's it for now. sayonara.