Thursday, February 14, 2008

more disappointment

ok, let me get this out of my system: VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKS!!!!
i'm better.

disappointments today:
  • valentine's day. enough said.
  • tried that silver-coin-valentine's-day-eve thing, didn't work. when you're a loser like mahself, you tend to do stupid things like the st. agnes thing and the silver-coin thing to predict your otherwise uneventful love life.
  • all i got today was a lollipop from tia, a random hug from tang, a spoon-shoved-down-my-throat-turned-reese's-pieces-to-choke-me-instead from *who do you think would do something like that? come on, people* while everyone else got humonsterous teddy bears and crappy roses and boxes of chocolate taller than me. not to mention all of the tonsil hockey in the hallway. gag me with a spoon NOT LITERALLY
  • still in a quandry about my schedule. at this point, if i ever want to take creative writing or drafting or some form of art at any point in my high school career, i'm gonna have to cut ag, which really sucks but i kinda have no choice. grrr... >:


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