Thursday, February 28, 2008

in a world of sick and twistedness

ok, dandylion is never allowed to see another fortune cookie ever again. he got that gadget on his igoogle page so he purposely went through all of the fortunes to find ones that were really messed up upon the addition of "in bed" at the end (which is what you're s'posed to do). he's sick and twisted but hey, aren't we all?

my story fanbase is increasing. tia is my primary editor, dandylion is my backup editor, and max, allyn, basil and cory are my random input peeps. the more the merrier and for some reason i feel that it'll come out sounding really weird (too many cooks spoil the book soup, i guess...) but whatever. it's not like i'm gonna make a living out of writing. and for any peeps who haven't read it yet that want to, just comment and i'll send you a copy of what i have retyped so far.

yaaay! finally someone understands the true meaning of valentines day

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