Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'm in a quandry (ha! rhymes with laundry)

wow that was lame. kinda like in geometry today when we were talking about serial killers for some odd reason and i'm like, "cereal killers: killing bowls of cereal one spoon at a time"

ok, quandry time:
schedule: all of my classes are full credit and i ended up with 8.5 credits so if i keep it the way it is, i'll have to cut band but if i cut ag, i'll be able to have 2 semesters of band + 1.5 other credits of stuffs. nancy (my aunt) is like 'cut ag' and mom's like 'cut band' and dandylion's like 'cut both and do creative writing and chorus' and i'm like 'I JUST WANT MORE TIME!!!! WAAAAAAAH!'

and by the way, dandylion, no matter what you do, i'll still hate valentine's day (unless you buy me a box of all-white Conversation Hearts or a lot of chocolate, but i'll be lucky if you don't kick me in the shin or gag me with a spoon) so you might as well stop before I kick you in your non-existent balls.

ok bye. i still need to worry about if there's conditioning today or not. 'cause at this exact moment in time, that's kinda more important.

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