Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"february break"

ledyard is dumb. that's all i can say. why do we HAVE to have 183 days of school instead of 180 like, oh, i don't know, EVERY ONE ELSE IN THE FREAKING STATE?!?! we want a real february break, none of this 2 day crap.

there's nothing good on vh1 this morning. i first turned on and it was "sorry" so i was like yaaay but the other ones were kinda crappy.

hmmm... the evil side of me wants to call the house of dandylion knowing he isn't up and won't be until after 12... or maybe even bigmac applepie 'cause it's 5:20 in cali so i don't think he's up either... i love being mean to my 'manherd'

... think that's it. if i have anything else to say later, i'll add it then.

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