Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did You Know...

aah, i love these segments. and before i start, it's all about a few certain people in a certain sport on two certain teams. way to be vague about it, huh?

anyway, did you know...

  • that ellsbury and alex gordon are the same height (6' 1". and i thought dandylion was tall. waaah!)
  • buuut... ellsbury is older (b-day is actually sept. 11 eek '83, alex gordon's is feb. 10, '84)
  • they both bat left
  • buuut... ellsbury also throws left where alex gordon throws right
  • ... heeey! mike lowell's birfday is our half birfday! (talking to dandylion, of course. unless someone else's birfday that i don't know about is also on aug. 24...)
  • aaugh! there's only 2 people on the sox who are under 6 feet. this severely dampens my self-esteem, ya know.
  • oh, there is a #43 on the sox. never heard of him though. oh well. sorry mr. #43 pitcher dude.

i heart this edition of baseball digest <3

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