Friday, February 22, 2008

crap can't think of a good title for this...

yeah, not a good day today.
my stupid bio homies insisted that we have the 22-section outline due monday in order to move the quiz to tuesday (wow. how stupid can you people be? come on, you gotta think about these things) so i've been working on that for a while (only 4 sections done and already 1 1/4 pages. typed.).
and sam has yet ANOTHER ear infection. only she's allergic to amoxicillin and whatever medicine she's on now for her last ear infection so not only is she all ear-infection-y, she's all hive-y, too. poor sammy spammy.
and tia kidnapped my story so today's snowday is pretty much wasted 'cause i could've added a lot if it weren't for the fact that tia still has my story. and i don't know if she can come over tomorrow.
and i'm having one of those 'no-matter-what-i-do-my-hair-will-still-look-like-sh**' days. this is one of those days where i miss my long hair.
and last time i checked, mah royals buddy still has that evil number BECKY HELP MEEE!!!! and i still hate you, ross gload, even though i don't know who you are. i still hate you. and i still miss #4 :,(

yaaay for finding everything wrong with today. but at least i have my ellsbury jersey on to make it better :D good to know that some of my favorite players kept their number (ellsbury is still #46 and varitek is still #33, so i'm good)

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crossy said...

'you want some of this vitaman stud.' good stuff. by the way, thanks for commenting. and...SNOW DAY. yaaaaay