Thursday, February 28, 2008

in a world of sick and twistedness

ok, dandylion is never allowed to see another fortune cookie ever again. he got that gadget on his igoogle page so he purposely went through all of the fortunes to find ones that were really messed up upon the addition of "in bed" at the end (which is what you're s'posed to do). he's sick and twisted but hey, aren't we all?

my story fanbase is increasing. tia is my primary editor, dandylion is my backup editor, and max, allyn, basil and cory are my random input peeps. the more the merrier and for some reason i feel that it'll come out sounding really weird (too many cooks spoil the book soup, i guess...) but whatever. it's not like i'm gonna make a living out of writing. and for any peeps who haven't read it yet that want to, just comment and i'll send you a copy of what i have retyped so far.

yaaay! finally someone understands the true meaning of valentines day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

yaaay half birthdaaay

and the evil part of me wants to call dandylion at 11 pm or whenever his actual half birthday is but i don't think the household at 9 hermitage drive would appreciate that.

rrgh i hate this bio outline!!!! yes i'm still working on it SHUT UP!!!!

whatever. i'll just get to work on cell membranes and passive transport and didn't we learn this in 7th grade to an extent...?

Friday, February 22, 2008

crap can't think of a good title for this...

yeah, not a good day today.
my stupid bio homies insisted that we have the 22-section outline due monday in order to move the quiz to tuesday (wow. how stupid can you people be? come on, you gotta think about these things) so i've been working on that for a while (only 4 sections done and already 1 1/4 pages. typed.).
and sam has yet ANOTHER ear infection. only she's allergic to amoxicillin and whatever medicine she's on now for her last ear infection so not only is she all ear-infection-y, she's all hive-y, too. poor sammy spammy.
and tia kidnapped my story so today's snowday is pretty much wasted 'cause i could've added a lot if it weren't for the fact that tia still has my story. and i don't know if she can come over tomorrow.
and i'm having one of those 'no-matter-what-i-do-my-hair-will-still-look-like-sh**' days. this is one of those days where i miss my long hair.
and last time i checked, mah royals buddy still has that evil number BECKY HELP MEEE!!!! and i still hate you, ross gload, even though i don't know who you are. i still hate you. and i still miss #4 :,(

yaaay for finding everything wrong with today. but at least i have my ellsbury jersey on to make it better :D good to know that some of my favorite players kept their number (ellsbury is still #46 and varitek is still #33, so i'm good)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


i'm heartbroken (no, tia, stupid did not break up with me. how can a nonexistent relationship be broken?)
yeah, a certain player on the royals changed his number from 7 to (drumroll please) 4! aaugh! #4 comes back to haunt meeee! come on, i was just getting over that, too (i know, it's been 2 and a half years and i'm just getting over it.)
so i'll go sulk as i do my bio outline and hope that stupid ross gload gives alex gordon his number-7 back.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did You Know...

aah, i love these segments. and before i start, it's all about a few certain people in a certain sport on two certain teams. way to be vague about it, huh?

anyway, did you know...

  • that ellsbury and alex gordon are the same height (6' 1". and i thought dandylion was tall. waaah!)
  • buuut... ellsbury is older (b-day is actually sept. 11 eek '83, alex gordon's is feb. 10, '84)
  • they both bat left
  • buuut... ellsbury also throws left where alex gordon throws right
  • ... heeey! mike lowell's birfday is our half birfday! (talking to dandylion, of course. unless someone else's birfday that i don't know about is also on aug. 24...)
  • aaugh! there's only 2 people on the sox who are under 6 feet. this severely dampens my self-esteem, ya know.
  • oh, there is a #43 on the sox. never heard of him though. oh well. sorry mr. #43 pitcher dude.

i heart this edition of baseball digest <3

"february break"

ledyard is dumb. that's all i can say. why do we HAVE to have 183 days of school instead of 180 like, oh, i don't know, EVERY ONE ELSE IN THE FREAKING STATE?!?! we want a real february break, none of this 2 day crap.

there's nothing good on vh1 this morning. i first turned on and it was "sorry" so i was like yaaay but the other ones were kinda crappy.

hmmm... the evil side of me wants to call the house of dandylion knowing he isn't up and won't be until after 12... or maybe even bigmac applepie 'cause it's 5:20 in cali so i don't think he's up either... i love being mean to my 'manherd'

... think that's it. if i have anything else to say later, i'll add it then.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

no more quandry-age!

ok, it's official. i cut ag. had no choice. i had my required classes, spanish which might as well be required and ag, and if i stayed with that, I couldn't do anything else for the rest of my high school career so i thought and thought and thought and decided it was for the better. so next year i have all of my requireds, creative writing (dandylion and tia like it), architectural drafting (house blueprints and stuffs), band... that's it.
and no, dandylion, i am NOT taking chorus! ever! so just stop!

ok bye

Thursday, February 14, 2008

more disappointment

ok, let me get this out of my system: VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKS!!!!
i'm better.

disappointments today:
  • valentine's day. enough said.
  • tried that silver-coin-valentine's-day-eve thing, didn't work. when you're a loser like mahself, you tend to do stupid things like the st. agnes thing and the silver-coin thing to predict your otherwise uneventful love life.
  • all i got today was a lollipop from tia, a random hug from tang, a spoon-shoved-down-my-throat-turned-reese's-pieces-to-choke-me-instead from *who do you think would do something like that? come on, people* while everyone else got humonsterous teddy bears and crappy roses and boxes of chocolate taller than me. not to mention all of the tonsil hockey in the hallway. gag me with a spoon NOT LITERALLY
  • still in a quandry about my schedule. at this point, if i ever want to take creative writing or drafting or some form of art at any point in my high school career, i'm gonna have to cut ag, which really sucks but i kinda have no choice. grrr... >:


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'm in a quandry (ha! rhymes with laundry)

wow that was lame. kinda like in geometry today when we were talking about serial killers for some odd reason and i'm like, "cereal killers: killing bowls of cereal one spoon at a time"

ok, quandry time:
schedule: all of my classes are full credit and i ended up with 8.5 credits so if i keep it the way it is, i'll have to cut band but if i cut ag, i'll be able to have 2 semesters of band + 1.5 other credits of stuffs. nancy (my aunt) is like 'cut ag' and mom's like 'cut band' and dandylion's like 'cut both and do creative writing and chorus' and i'm like 'I JUST WANT MORE TIME!!!! WAAAAAAAH!'

and by the way, dandylion, no matter what you do, i'll still hate valentine's day (unless you buy me a box of all-white Conversation Hearts or a lot of chocolate, but i'll be lucky if you don't kick me in the shin or gag me with a spoon) so you might as well stop before I kick you in your non-existent balls.

ok bye. i still need to worry about if there's conditioning today or not. 'cause at this exact moment in time, that's kinda more important.

Friday, February 8, 2008

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz! it's the most remarkable word I've ever seen...

ok... i started a new post... and i have nothing to say.

shout outs:
  • Tia and Stupid: thanx for being mah editors. couldn't do this without you. any ideas on how to tweak the beginning to make the surprising twist not so 'this-has-absolutely-nothing-to-do-with-the-rest-of-the-story'?
  • Evil Genius Extraordinare: what was the whole thing that Tia was talking about in band? she told me something but i got yelled at by the Seat Nazi to go back before I could really get any details. or maybe Tia's just making up crap, which could happen...

anyway... that's it. geometry and biology and environmental science homework woohoo *sarcasm*

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

greetings from planet chan-manda

whoa that's weird! (sorry, screen went all weird and all of my letters were lines)

anywaaay... yeah.
booo Giants! i know i'm not a football person but i was kinda disappointed on monday when i found out the Patriots lost and i know it's bad to like a team just 'cause someone in your family does, but that's how i got hooked on the Sox so naturally if i was forced to pick a team, it'd be the Patriots; anything else in our family would go over about as well as being a Yankees fan: it just wouldn't work. it's hard enough quasi-liking the Royals... or should i say "quasi-liking a Royal", seeing as the team stinks and i only like one person...

example of my non-football-liking-ness, yesterday in geometry
"Are you wearing a Red Sox shirt?"
"Yeah, why?"
*scoffs* "It's the Super Bowl, not the World Series."
*Dean in background* "You know, the Super Bowl is watched by 3 times more people."
"Baseball is dumb."
"And so is football."
*GASP*"How can you not like football?"
"I just don't."
"Why not?"
"I don't like watching guys in stretchy pants tackle each other. Same reason why I don't like wrestling."
"Baseball players wear stretchy pants, too! And it takes skill to be a football player."
"You know, no matter how hard you try, you're not gonna be able to convert me into a football person, so you might as well stop now." (convo btwn me and Schilke with chiming in by Dean)

Friday, February 1, 2008

i've been thinking lately (i know, scary, isn't it?)

you know, i really don't like valentines day. when we had a snowday last year i did my little happyhappyjoyjoy dance 'cause we wouldn't have to be in school for valentines day. yeah, i like candy (who doesn't) but the drama and the tonsil hockey... gag me with a spoon. and it makes losers like me feel even more losery 'cause no one buys me candy or flowers that'll die tomorrow anyway or stuffs like that.

oh well. all's fair in love, war and high school (that's a book series, isn't it?)

i still have that dumb math valentine from last year. that brokenheart emo one yaaay