Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm in a baseball kinda mood today

ok, for starters, i wore my ellsbury jersey and my boston hat YEAH

then, i saw that billy had a jersey on too so i asked what it was and he's like a red sox shirt (no duh) and then i'm like no what player and he took his sweatshirt off and i'm like omg we match we're both wearing ellsbury jerseys AWKWARD

and then right at the end of study hall, one of the special ed teachers who brought their peeps in for lunch was talking about how someone could POSSIBLY wear a red sox jersey, and i just smiled and walked right past them

and in bio/, i showed liz the pix of alex gordon that i cut out of mike's espn mags and we were like yeah, this one of him flopped on the ground, that's what we're gonna be like this afternoon

and in geometry, basil noticed my sox attire and was like if the red sox and the royals play who do you root for and i'm like the sox and alex gordon 'cause the rest of the royals are dum-dums. also showed max the pix

and in conditioning we were heading out and the pix were in my binder and i'm like hey liz, guess what we're like right now and she's like i'm almost to that point

and for the geometry collage we have to find parallel lines and planes and points and all sorts of shape STUFFS and my theme was baseball 'cause for angles i had different pitching positions and for parallel lines i had kauffman stadium (i can never remember how to spell that) and etc.

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