Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*crunch crunch crunch*

i heart fritos.

surprisingly not sore from conditioning. not sure if i'm getting used to it or i just didn't work hard enough...

(crap, frito stuck underneath my wire...)

yaaay no homework today.

ooh, yesterday i was really mean. in environmental science yesterday, Stupid wasn't paying attention during attendance so i got to smack him upside the head to wake him up and he was like "what was that for?" and i'm like "the teacher told me to" and the teacher was like "i told her to smack you but i didn't think she'd be so obedient"

rrgh cant find this joke i found a while back. it was like "ok there's 6billion ppl in the world, and this many are retired, so that leaves this many to do the work, and this many are students so that leaves this many to do the work" and it keeps on going until it's two people left to do the work, "and you're sitting there reading jokes."

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