Thursday, January 31, 2008

ha ha never mind

found her. i put a cookie on the deck along with some food 'cause sooner or later she'd be hungry and come back home so i toodled on here, went to go see if the food was eaten and it wasn't but the cookie was so i'm like "sage... come here..." and she came up and i got her inside and shut her in the basement for the time being. or at least until i go and hang out clothes.

dumb dog

sage ran off. i brought her in just past the pool and let her run up the deck but she ran under the deck instead, mosied around our neighbor's yard, came back down our driveway at the sound of the cookie box, and then ran back into our neighbor's yard again. my throat hurts from yelling now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm in a baseball kinda mood today

ok, for starters, i wore my ellsbury jersey and my boston hat YEAH

then, i saw that billy had a jersey on too so i asked what it was and he's like a red sox shirt (no duh) and then i'm like no what player and he took his sweatshirt off and i'm like omg we match we're both wearing ellsbury jerseys AWKWARD

and then right at the end of study hall, one of the special ed teachers who brought their peeps in for lunch was talking about how someone could POSSIBLY wear a red sox jersey, and i just smiled and walked right past them

and in bio/, i showed liz the pix of alex gordon that i cut out of mike's espn mags and we were like yeah, this one of him flopped on the ground, that's what we're gonna be like this afternoon

and in geometry, basil noticed my sox attire and was like if the red sox and the royals play who do you root for and i'm like the sox and alex gordon 'cause the rest of the royals are dum-dums. also showed max the pix

and in conditioning we were heading out and the pix were in my binder and i'm like hey liz, guess what we're like right now and she's like i'm almost to that point

and for the geometry collage we have to find parallel lines and planes and points and all sorts of shape STUFFS and my theme was baseball 'cause for angles i had different pitching positions and for parallel lines i had kauffman stadium (i can never remember how to spell that) and etc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*crunch crunch crunch*

i heart fritos.

surprisingly not sore from conditioning. not sure if i'm getting used to it or i just didn't work hard enough...

(crap, frito stuck underneath my wire...)

yaaay no homework today.

ooh, yesterday i was really mean. in environmental science yesterday, Stupid wasn't paying attention during attendance so i got to smack him upside the head to wake him up and he was like "what was that for?" and i'm like "the teacher told me to" and the teacher was like "i told her to smack you but i didn't think she'd be so obedient"

rrgh cant find this joke i found a while back. it was like "ok there's 6billion ppl in the world, and this many are retired, so that leaves this many to do the work, and this many are students so that leaves this many to do the work" and it keeps on going until it's two people left to do the work, "and you're sitting there reading jokes."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

NO ONE player-hates on Alex Gordon!

you hear me, Tyler? NO ONE!!!!
(for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, my stepdad's friend's son has The Bigs on Wii so whenever I go over his house we play it and i usually get my butt kicked but whenever I have enough points for a power blast, where as long as you make contact with the ball you get an automatic homerun, I save it for Alex Gordon 'cause he's the awesomest but before I got that far, Tyler struck him out and the next time i got a powerblast homerun but the third time he struck me out WITH powerblast. you suck, Tyler.)

yaaay run-on sentences.

but i did pretty good at pool. second game i won 41-4, i think... yeah that's right, 'cause there's only 45 points total

Thursday, January 24, 2008

still sore

and that biology book is still heavy.

today was a bad day for blond moments.
biology: tried to weigh sand on a scale, it didn't register, didn't realize that the cover was still on until stupid took it off.
morning meeting: went to study hall instead of morning mtg, realized that it wasn't block 2 yet, ran to the gym.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


yaay freshman geekage at conditioning (the other freshmen either left early or didn't show up for whatever reason). i'm gonna be feeling it tomorrow. and that biology book is heavy

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

fresh from bowling

i am the AWESOMEST! sure, i sucked in the first game, but 111 points in the second one can't be bad. and 3 strikes. and getting my soda stuck in the vending machine. yaaay.

and tj, if you're reading this, i saw someone today and automatically thought "sympathize HAAAATE sympathize HAAAATE" 'cause i'm mean.

other acts of meanness:
-thought about locking stupid out of david's mom's van
-picked on stupid and david about their humonstrous feet
-texted stupid's brother when i knew he was sleeping
-punched stupid whenever he got a strike
-stole stupid's m&ms
-almost mooched a dollar off of david
-picked on stupid about every ball he used (the last of which being pink. "stupid has pink balls! stupid has pink balls!")
-insisted on calling stupid and every remark or comment he made "stupid"
-thought about pushing stupid out of the van at the bottom of the hill and making him walk home. or walk from my house and lock him out.

why am i even up this early is beyond me

good morning people of the world. or at least those doofuses out there who bother to read this.

yeah, not sure what was up with yesterday's entry.

ugh still tired.

... yeah, not too talkative this morning. maybe write later. and anyone interested in helping me out with a story just leave a comment saying so.

(ps: sr. stupid, the red is s'posed to be longer than the blue because the red is the more important part.)

Monday, January 21, 2008

st. agnes does NOT send the golden boy

well that's disappointing.

shut up i actually tried it. modified, 'cause there's no way i'm going to bed without dinner or without some form of pajama-age.

all i can remember is driving through gettysburg and austin w. and someone else were driving b-hind me trying to run me over but it was "just for fun". and someone coming into my room while i was sleeping with a big bouquet of lilies 'cause they thought i was dead. nice.

now that i'm over that, voy a desmayunar y download all of the cd's i bought/borrowed/stole from mike and maybe read a book. geez, havent' done that in forever.

over and out

Sunday, January 20, 2008


i hate strep throat. been in "quarantine" for 24 hours, but it doesn't really matter 'cause we weren't really going to go anywhere yesterday anyway and i spend all of my time inside and anyone in the house is already exposed so whatever. medicine not kicking in yet. and sam has an ear infection. YAAAY SICK WARD!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

more random thoughts

die, dan, die!!!!! you can't escape it! but if you're reading this, you're probably not playing wii anymore sooo...
still drinking this vitamin water. yummeh.
throat still hurts

(dan, you're still gonna die in the game at some point, so shut up and listen to me! moohoohahaha!)
ok bye

glad that's over

yaaay only one more exam to go!

still sore from conditioning yesterday. i'm glad none of mah exams were upstairs today. and my throat still hurts. waaah.

enjoying an energy vitamin water and some pretzels.

i have "Sorry" stuck in my head again. grrr...

ok bye

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

last thing

oh, how cute it's snowing. no, there will NOT be a snowday tomorrow. i will MAKE SURE there is no snowday tomorrow. 'cause i'm awesome and i can do that.

oh, and here's some awesome song lyrics if you haven't seen them on mah binder:

(aah, never mind. takes too much space)


first day of exams woohoo. actually, gym wasn't terribly hard (but who honestly gives a sh** what two colleges played the first football game), and health wasn't too hard either, just kinda long.
la was interesting. lets just say it involved Tang in a bikini top and a full-body collision (that actually hurt, ya know!)

still nervous about Ag and LA finals. Spanish will be ├╝ber easy (it should; i have a 104 in there).

i heart chocolate! yeah!

so i hope you like the new format. i like it better than the old one. yaaay get fuzzy!


Monday, January 14, 2008

snow day

yaaay snow day yaaay more time for studying boo for screwing up the exam schedule! now i only have a half day to spend money on random crap as opposed to a whole day BOOOOOOO!


watching spongebob/vh1. watching sister grrrr....
rrgh now i have Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" stuck in my head. not that it's a bad song. it's just stuck in my head.

i know i brought this up at lunch, but for those people who don't eat lunch with me, here goes:
did you know that more people are looking forward to watching the presidential primaries than the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Olympics COMBINED? I know that everyone's happy to boot our current stupidity-chairperson out of office, but the primaries arent something most people can get rialed up about. It'd be kinda scary if a bunch of people got together at their house (or worse, actually AT the primaries), with all of the crazy face/body paint and shouting "YEAH!!! GO HILLARY!" like a person on crack. i could see someone doing that at a football game, maybe the world series, but not at the primaries. no one cares THAT much.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

random stuffs

i want mah own website. anyone know how to make one?
oh, and while we're at it, does anyone have any idea on how to make a regimen (ww vocab word grrr...) so i can not suck so bad at softball tryouts! conditioning is a start but i need something more.

so yeah. comments are welcome.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hi again

i don't understand:
-why guys are allowed to wear tight jeans and have long hair but it's wrong for a girl to wear non-skintight clothes
-the point of softball when a girl is fully capable of hitting a slightly smaller overhand-pitched ball
-why everyone is so politically correct regarding holidays. if you don't want to celebrate it then don't! don't punish us.
-being highly religious. about as religious as i get is christmas (presents) and easter (presents). and the whole creation thing. you can't tell me that mankind just poofed out of some nonexistent being's hand.
-why anyone would like the yankees. first of all, 22 of the people mentioned on the mitchell report were yankees (not surprising), and who wants to pay big bucks to see a bunch of overpaid underwear models to disgrace america's pasttime? come on people. a-rod gets more money in 10 years than the money that's been put into fixing new orleans after hurricane katrina. not fair!

ok i'm done complaining. your turn!

... yeah.

... ok, not sure what to write. i don't know, someone give me something to talk about! send me a comment! any suggestions, just write away.

and i highly suggest you check out the jolly mobster (just google it and click on the first link) because the author of that blog (who happens to be a best friend of mine) tends to write more exciting stuffs than me. so check it out OR ELSE! moohoohahaha!

Monday, January 7, 2008

first day! woot!

*dangit they don't have comic sans...*

ok, for any of you who have found yourself here, welcome to... uh... my blog. yeah.
if you're a friend... or ARE YOU? (hey, can't be too careful. you never know if a mutant hamster has hijacked your friend's name...) ... well, anyway, you'll know me well enough and already know about the crap that i put on here
if you don't, sorry and i don't have much to say 'cause you'll have no idea what i'm talking about so you might as well just close out now.

things to start off with:

-go Red Sox! yaaay Alex Gordon! Yankees SUCK!

that's all i can think of. so check back later.